Killer Tips to Improve Your Blog SEO and Popularity

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SEO is the first concern to all of the Bloggers. Being First Page on the Google not only improve the number of visitor to your blog but it also gives the lot of satisfaction to the blog owner. 

There are a lot of Companies in the market who are claiming that they will help you to come on the top page of the Google, and charging a lot of money for this. But there is surprising fact that -
According to Google - No Company can help you to come on the First page of Google because they have their own Search Algorithm to rank your Blog/Website on the Google Page. These company can only put some extra KEYWORDS to your blog which will improve your website Rank.
All these thing you can do at your OWN. Yes ! this is true that this procedure will take some time to come on the Google list but you will learn new thing of SEO and more you will save the MONEY. So let me share some good, approved and tested Killer SEO tips to improve the performance.

1. Set your Permalinks

The very First thing after starting your Wordpress Blog is to change the Permalinks. Because in the default setting of your WordPress you visitor will see your post ID which will look like this

So your visitor will have to come directly on your page because your page will not come in the Google Search List. But don't worry because you can change this setting very easily.

Go to Dashboard > Setting > Permalinks
After Clicking to Custom Structure put /%postname%/
This will give the link like this

2. SEO Friendly Images Plugin

Install the Plugin SEO Friendly Images. This plugin will automatically change the Name of the images in your post as the name of your post Name.

3. SEO Super Comments

Install the Plugin SEO Super Comments. This plugin will help you rank your website on the comment posted on you blog post Because comments also have the keywords in it. so without your much efforts your blog will ranked in Google.

4. All in one SEO or Platinum SEO

Install All in one SEO or Platinum SEO Plugin. They both are good plugins and have the battle between them. But i am using Platinum SEO on my blog. The reason for using this is it have the Meta tags included in this Plugin and the best thing in this plugin its having 301 redirect feature ( 301 Redirect is the feature if you will change the post name then this will automatically redirect your post to the newer name and you visitor will always see a live link ).

5. IGIT Related post with Thumb

Install IGIT Related post with Thumb Plugin. This is the must have plugin for WordPress to keep your visitors on your blog.

6. XML- Sitemap

Install XML- Sitemap. This is a Google Application to know about the submission of your Blog page. Google, Bing and yahoo will having noticed when you will post any new this in your blog. Without Google XML your blog cannot survive on the internet. So this is Most Must have plugin in you Blog.

7. Install Facebook Post Comment Plugin. This plugin will make your post popular Viraly. Because whoever will comment on your post it will be posted on his/her wall and his/her friends will get noticed about your post

All these are the Super Killer tips and hope these will help you to improve your SEO.

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